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Visit to Young England Kindergarten

Address: Young England Kindergarten, St. Saviour's Hall, St. George's Square, London, SW1V 2HP

Ages: 2.5-5

Phone Number: 020 7834 3171

Young England is an exceedingly happy nursery - housed in St George’s Square, Pimlico - that feeds some of the best prep schools in London. The headmistress, Kay King, is pretty special, and has been at Young England for over 40 years! It is a family-run (both her son Henry and daughter in-law Jamie work at the school), traditionally English school and promotes exceptional manners, kindness and good behaviour. The school has a massively impressive list of destination schools (including Thomas’s, Wetherby, Eaton House, Glendower, Kensington Prep and Garden House School), and from speaking with Kay, it is clear that she really knows the schools where her students will go on to flourish (and gives extremely sage advice on the matter) -parents adore her.

The morning school takes place five days a week and caters for children aged 3-5. The afternoon school is for children from 2.5-3+, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The afternoon school is specially catered to support these younger children, and has a high ratio of teachers to students. The session is not structured as formally as the morning, but provides a similar variety of well-planned activities, including a music class. There is an afternoon club available to a small number of older children, where they can bring a packed lunch and stay until 3pm to prepare for the longer days at ‘big’ school.

Fantastic activities on offer such as cooking, computers and carpentry! They have a lovely closed-off outdoor area, and access to St George’s Square gardens, where the children play every day. The open, light church hall is a real treat in comparison with much of the other nursery provision in the area and it is immediately clear that Kay and her teachers work hard to make the nursery a warm and inviting space. The only downside of the setting is that it is not purpose-built and teachers have to pack away at the end of every day; this is not uncommon to London nurseries, so if you can look past these impracticalities, the atmosphere, teachers and incredibly calm children will woo you faster than Brad Pitt.

The school offers termly intakes, which is brilliant for summer-born babies who may need a little longer at home before starting nursery school – and you won’t have to pay a full year’s fees. Register ASAP after birth. If I am lucky enough to still be living in Pimlico when I have babies…watch out Young England, my registration is coming direct from the hospital!

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