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Visit to Chelsea Pre-Prep and Nursery

Address: Chelsea Pre-Prep & Nursery, St. Andrew's Church, Park Walk, London, SW10 0AU

Ages: 2-5+

Phone Number: 0207 352 4856

I visited Chelsea Pre-Prep Nursery some time ago, after hearing rave reviews by parents. I was not disappointed. Located just off the Kings Road in Chelsea, it has become a go-to nursery for those parents looking to succeed in the 4+ assessments to pre-preps in the local area.

Unusually for a nursery school in the UK, which are largely run by women, Chelsea Pre Prep has a pretty cool Headmaster at the helm. And what a breath of fresh air it is too – male role models in the early years are generally limited to sports teachers, but not here! Founder and Head Stuart is extraordinarily welcoming and infectiously passionate – it doesn’t surprise me in the least that he has won many awards for his work in Early Years.

Ofsted have consistently rated this nursery ‘outstanding’ since its inception in 2009. It’s pretty easy to see why. On entering the school, the first thing you see is the school’s beautiful garden with a lawn area, sandpit and flower beds for planting – not a given in London nurseries where space is at such a premium.

Inside the school, there is this all-embracing feeling of peace, light and happy industry. Different groups have their own classrooms (although they don’t feel like the classrooms as you and I might know); creating age-appropriate and colourful environments in which children can really flourish.

There is an impressive selection of resources and activities available to children, including classes by Chelsea Ballet School, Allsorts Drama and Little Kickers (sports lessons!), as well as music, French and science. Ducklings were present when I visited – although Stuart laughed that, in typical Early Years style, they had hatched during half term when none of the children were around to see it!

While it is feeds many of the top schools in the area, such as Garden House, Cameron House, Thomas’s, Glendower, Falkner and Eaton House, it doesn’t feel in the least bit pushy; you get a real sense of children learning at their own pace with free-flowing play and Montessori methods.

Get yourself registered as soon as possible – this nursery is an absolute no brainer.

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